Art Song

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*= not yet performed

*Sleep, love Sleep (2018) Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, 3'30"

Promenade Across Existence (2017) Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, 3'


Here I Am (2017) Small Song Cycle for Soprano and Piano, 2'15"

Dalliance of Butterflies (2017) Tenor and Piano, 2'15"


Wild Night (2017) Tenor and Piano, 2'15"

Where To Start (2017) Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, 2'15"

Chasing Weather (2017) Soprano and Piano, 3'

The Afterlives of Trees (2017) Small Song Cycle for Tenor and Piano, 5'15"

The Fountain (2017) Tenor and Piano, 4'15"

The Shriek of Silence (2017) Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, 5'45"

Between Kiss and Kiss (2016) Song Cycle for Tenor and Piano, 15'30"

Norse Lullaby (2015) Tenor and Piano, 4'

Nehmen Immer Abshied (2015) Soprano and Piano, 3'30"