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Chamber Music

We Are The Unbroken (2022)

Percussion Quartet and Fixed Media, 10'​

This piece was inspired by the year 2020 surrounding the pandemic. Politics in the America were

not about keeping people alive but focused on if there was even a crisis. Human survival at its

most basic form had become political for just the American people while the world watched us. I

watched politicians lie, knowing information was false and it killed thousands of people who

didn’t have to die. The first movement, Bodies Are Heavy, is meant to comment on those who

passed away and that the passing of life should weigh heavy on the soul. The second movement,

Galvanized Weapon, is meant to serve as a metaphor to continue to fight for the things that are

important to you. The final movement and title song, We Are The Unbroken, is to illustrate even

through adversity we will continue to push forward. “We will not bend, We will not break, We

are the unbroken”.

At My Pace (2019)

Voice, Saxophone, Trombone, and Fixed Media, 4'58"

Logarhythmic Collective’s core trio of voice, saxophone, and trombone are on full display for At My Pace. BPM is what gives the integrity and mood for specific EDM subgenres. At My Pace pushes the boundaries of changing tempo and exploring different subgenre inspirations throughout the work including: Future Bass, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, and Drum and Bass.

Log The Rhythm (2019)

Voice, Saxophone, Trombone, and Fixed Media, 3'42"

​Logarhythmic Collective’s core trio of voice, saxophone, and trombone push the boundaries in this 7/8 time signature work. Changing divisions in asymmetrical meter between the verses and drops changes the groove for the dance floor in new innovative ways.

Till I Flat Line (2019)

Voice, Saxophone, Trombone, and Fixed Media, 4'52"

The narrator is describing an everlasting love and giving their whole self to their partner until their death. "They don't know love, so let's show them the beats of my heart and they can log the rhythm, you have my heart till my last breath, even when I'm gone I will love you in death".

You Can't Make Fire Feel Afraid (2019)

Voice, Saxophone, Trombone, and Fixed Media, 4'

You are strong, are you bright, you are a flame. You are fire and you are alive and untamed; you can't make fire feel afraid.

Let Me Save You (2019)

Voice, Saxophone, Trombone, and Fixed Media, 6'14"

​This love song has a narrator that views themselves as a hero that can save their love interest from their current relationship.

Smacked By The Hand Of God (2019)

Spoken Vocals, Piano, and Drum Set, 6'45" 

​ Being an avid hip-hop and rap listener, I have always wanted to incorporate my love for this genre into my music. One thing that has troubled me about the lyrics of rap is that most popular music in the genre has difficulty staying on topic. From line to line, they don’t connect any elements from the previous line. In this piece, I really wanted to create a cohesive and comprehensive storyline for the entire duration. The storyline of this work describes God coming out of the clouds and departing his knowledge about the creation of the universe, heaven, and the meaning of life. 


The Devil Is Out To Play (2018)

Reed Quintet, 5'45"

​ Sun showers are a meteorological phenomenon in which it rains while the sun is still shining. When I was a boy, I asked my mother what it means when this happens, and she replied that the devil was out causing mayhem. Even now, I still imagine this every time I witness sun showers. In this piece, the upper winds represent the sun and the lower winds represent the rain, while the saxophone plays the part of the devil. 


Driftwood (2018)

Percussion Quartet, 2'

​ The idea for this work comes from the melodic shift between keys in each beat of the first measure. It reminded me of a piece of driftwood on the water, something that is so distinctly two things. The top is dry while the bottom is wet, yet still floats in harmony, the perfect balance. It does not lean one way or the other but simply exists. 


Ideal Unbalanced Perfection (2017)

Saxophone Quartet, 4'15"

​ Ideal Unbalanced Perfection is derived from the concept of the Three Loves Theory. The theory states that we really only fall in love with three people in our lifetime. The first love is an idealistic love. It is the kind of love story that seem like a fairy tale. It is a love that looks right but deep down is not. The second love is meant to be our hard or unbalanced love. This love teaches self-reflection and how we want or need to be loved. We think we are making different choices than with our first love but are simply just learning different life lessons. This love has high levels of drama associated with it. The last love is our perfect love and the one that lasts. It is the one we never see coming but makes us realize why the other loves never worked out. 


A Storm-Stained Sky (2014)

String Quintet, 2'30"

This piece follows a storyline of a young boy who is out in a field as heavy storm clouds build. The piece is an aural representation of his journey home trying to beat the rain. I used extended techniques such as harmonic glissandos in the cello and tremolo glissandos in the viola and violin to evoke the sounds of the storm.

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