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Large Ensemble

Forgotten Faces (2022) Grade 5 Concert Band, Fixed Media, and Visuals 18'

Score and parts can be purchased at Murphy Music Press.

The inspiration for this work derived from the theory that the human brain can only create people in dreams the person has already seen. This information fueled my thought process of the people a dreamer encounters. Many dreams include people who the dreamer does not know, and at times the unknown person contributes a large role to the overall dream. The notion of developing these unknown characters led to my decision to create four movements that tell four unique stories.

The fixed media in each movement focuses on one or more subgenres of EDM. Movement I has elements of Dubstep and Future Riddim/Melodic Riddim. Movement II is a combination of Funk music and Dubstep called Funkstep. Movement III pays homage to Dubstep and Future Riddim/Melodic Riddim, and Movement IV is loosely derived from the genre of Mid Tempo Bass.


Beats From The Dead (2018) Wind Ensemble and Talkbox Solo, 11'

The inspiration for this piece came from seeing a friend develop vocal nodes and whose dream of being a classical singer was taken away from them. Being a vocalist myself, I thought about losing my own voice, and knew I would give anything to be able to have the ability to sing again. The talkbox allows anyone that can move his or her mouth to have the sensation of singing once again or for the first time. This piece takes inspiration from the EDM subgenre of Dubstep and manipulates the talkbox to synthesize timbres similar to ones found in Dubstep.

The text is a collage of portions from Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself. I chose the segments of text that accumulated a story of what it would be like for a person to believe that they would never make the music they wanted to again, and the radiance they would feel to have the opportunity to create music once more. Thinking that your musical life is dead and having it revived is exactly what “Beats From The Dead” encompasses.

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